The Vintage Buyer’s Guide – Make Money Buying and Selling Vintage Stuff

Product Name: The Vintage Buyer’s Guide – Make Money Buying and Selling Vintage Stuff

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Flipping Stuff Can Be a Fun and Easy Way To Make Extra

Imagine having a little side business, where people make
appointments with you to bring you their money and they leave so incredibly happy
with what you sold them, they can’t stop thanking

Flipping vintage stuff for extra
cash doesn’t interfere with your regular job. You buy stuff on the
weekends and only sell when people come right to you with money in hand, (or pay
you online if you prefer). 

“It’s like, the doorbell
rings (or you get that etransfer online payment email
notification in your inbox) and say… “WOW, I actually
just made

…and then a few hours later… “I just made money again!” And then again
and again!

This is what I experience almost on a daily

I don’t have an antique store, I don’t rent a flea market booth,
I don’t even sell in online auctions…

I just…




Sooner or later,
I usually get all of my small investment back plus
a huge profit (often it happens within just hours of

What is The Vintage Buyer’s

The Vintage Buyer’s Guide is a full color
vintage-item buying guide, as well as an easy
step by step how-to money making manual all combined into

It reveals “commonly found” items that I consistently buy very
inexpensively (at local yard sales, content sales, moving sales, flea markets, swap
meets, etc) and sell for huge profits using free online classified
ads like Kijiji® &

It has been designed to be fun and entertaining, while
effectively teaching you a valuable money making skill you will then have for the
rest of your life and can call on for “extra cash” when you need

I have tried my best to create an interesting ebook that will be fun to look
through for many years to come because of the many wonderful vintage items it
features, all the while in the background empowering you with the money-making
knowledge it took me years and years of trial and error to

This guide entertains while it teaches. It dazzles while it
informs. And it intrigues while it empowers.

They say the best way to remember something is to have fun while
you learn it. Well, if this is true, then get ready for a University Degree
in making lot’s of extra money when you need it because in my opinion, there
is nothing more fun and exciting than the world of “buying and selling
vintage stuff locally for extra cash”.

So what
really sells consistentlyusing free online

Although many people claim to know a little bit about this,… a
long time ago I set out to find the answer to this question on a much larger
scale. And by “find the answer”, I mean I really wanted to know what specific
items flip consistently using free ads and for how

I was intent on learning enough so that I could one day make as
much extra money as I needed just by going out to local sales on the weekends
and buying only what had proven over and over to

So I spent many years doing this and slowly testing the
“sellability” of various things using free online

I chose to use free online classified ad websites (instead of
online auctions) because it was free, easy,
I could deal locally, and I didn’t have to
ship anything. (However, this knowledge can also easily
be applied to selling using online auctions and other mediums, it’s just a
matter of your personal preference).

I took every weekend and went from local sale to local sale
buying everything and anything I could find well priced that was old,
collectible, interesting, cool or useful.

I tested flipping antiques, collectibles, furniture, tools,
toys, recreational items, useful stuff, decorative stuff, and just about
anything I thought was awesome (and might

After many years of buying up potential treasures cheap and
posting stuff online, I eventually learned what sells using this medium and
for about how much.

Not only that, but I also learned which items consistently turn
up at local yard sales, content sales, moving sales, estate sales, flea
markets and swap meets all the time for super

By combining these two pieces of information I came up with what
I believe to be the easiest and most risk-free way of making extra money any
time I need it usually without even having to leave my own general

As a result, NOW whenever I walk into a yard sale or swap meet
or flea market or some other kind of local sale, I take one look
around and almost instantly know how much money I’ll be making for my short

I typically visit a yard sale or an estate sale on the weekend
and come back with a few extra hundred dollars in

The best part is, I don’t spend a lot of money to make these
kinds of profits because unlike most other pickers I don’t buy and try to
flip stuff that everyone (including the seller) knows is so obviously
valuable thus expensive – that’s for people who like getting deals but don’t
mind tying up (and risking) a big amount of money at one

No, I buy what I like to refer to as “hidden gems”… and risk
very little or next to no money at all.

Hidden Gems refers to items that are both commonly found at
local sales for little or next to nothing and commonly perceived by many as
having very little value or worth, — while for others (or in
another setting such as listed on free online classifieds) they are
considered very desirable and very

These are the types of items I have found to have the best
cost-to-profit earning potential because you risk practically nothing to get
them and then sell them for ALOT MORE!

In other words, you invest the lowest amount of money to get
back the highest possible return on your investment because although these
items are valuable, more often than not, the seller has no idea of their true

We’ve all heard the saying “One man’s trash is another man’s
treasure”… well this definitely applies to the term “Hidden

My hope is that by the time you are finished reading this guide,
you too will be able to walk into a local sale or swap
meet and almost instantly know how much money you can make by simply taking a
quick look around (like I do).

It’s a great feeling,… one of breaking your
total dependency on traditional income earning

It’s also very mentally liberating…, you almost feel like a
captive who has been freed. A hungry person who just learned to grow food. Or
a stranded castaway, who just built a boat.

Learning to flip commonly found stuff for profit is literally
like taking the power back into your own hands, and these days it’s one of
the only easy “low commitment” methods of making extra money we have left
that we can still control.

So why not get really good at it? I did,
and I’m willing to teach you everything I know!

My goal with this guide is to make you as skilled at “Buying
& Selling Locally” as I currently am. To make it as easy as possible for
you to quickly spot exciting vintage items that flip well using free online

The Vintage Buyer’s Guide
will reveal to you:

Exactly which vintage items, antiques,
collectibles and general stuff, I keep finding and flipping
over and over, so you can skip the learning curve and know
what really sells –

Discover tons of items that people generally
believe are worthless, but have great hidden

Learn how to
effortlessly pluck out these ‘hidden gems’ from local sales and
sell them for huge profits using free online ads like Kijiji®
and Craigslist®!

Learn how to get to the best local sales
first and how to organise your “local sales to
visit” so you can maximize your productivity and

Discover little-known negotiating techniques
that can help you get the price you want, sometimes without
even asking for it!

Learn how to get more targeted buyers for your
“listed items, so more people looking for what you have can
find your ad!

Find out how you can even sell your items to
those who contact you internationally and accept debit or
credit card payments quickly easily and for

Packed with full color pictures, item
values and a five star ratings
system for each item! You’ll know exactly what
sells, what doesn’t, how long it usually takes to sell and
for how much!

Where else can you get this kind of info about real
stuff that is literally located everywhere around

This is not some “fancy antique guide” that shows you how to
flip stuff you’ll likely never find. The Vintage Buyer’s guide is

This guide is not just fun to look at, it’s designed to empower
you by giving you the ability to make extra money when you need it, exactly
like I have been casually doing for about 15

It gives you a valuable skill that you will be able to
call on for “extra cash” at any time in the

It helps to break your dependency on conventional income earning
systems and puts you in control. There is no fancy or “deceptive”
Moneymaking Programs to join. You don’t need to rely on some
online company to provide you with work and then actually pay you. There is
no boss telling you what to do, no quota, no time limits, no

This is something you can do completely on your own using the
pre-existing environment around you. All you really need is a camera (cell
phone camera is fine), an internet connection so you can post ads, and a
little bit of spending money.

This info is like gold to
someone willing to use it!

If you sit back and actually look at what you’re getting here,
you will realise that it is worth a lot more money than the low listed price
because you really can’t get it anywhere else. The only other way you would
be able to get this information is if you went out yourself and bought all
kinds of stuff from local sales over many years and actually tested selling
it using free online classified ads. Even then you would have to organize
your statistical data so you can adaquately recall everything and have the
info on hand when you need it.

I have already done all of that for you. I have gone through all
the trial and error, found out what commonly found items sell well using free
online ads, I have taken pictures and compiled it all into an easy-to-follow,
easy to understand resource that makes it fun to learn while you

I have revealed all my secrets and all the ‘hidden gems’ that
consistently make me lots of real extra money mostly from just going out for
a few hours on Saturdays and sometimes Sundays – so that upon reading this
guide, your knowledge will be equal to mine.

You’ll learn how to quickly pluck out the hidden gems
and make money flipping…

…and much more!

So go ahead and order The Vintage
Buyer’s Guide with confidence and find out what commonly
found items flip best using free online classified ads – you will not
regret it. It really can change your life, as from that point
forward, you will have a knowledge base that takes many, many years to
acquire. You will have the power to build and retain real value, and you will
have the ability to make extra money when you need

Flipping vintage stuff for extra money really is the perfect
recession proof side business that’s easy to do, requires very little
commitment or investment and can be extremely profitable,… as long
as you know how to spot the real value hiding in plain sight everywhere
around you. Luckily, that’s exactly what the Vintage Buyer’s
Guide was designed to teach you to do.

Get Your Copy of
Vintage Buyer’s Guide

Believe me when I say, this guide can pay for itself (plus make
you a huge profit) almost immediately after you start using

…as well as help you continue to make extra money potentially
for the rest of your life like a slow-and-steady gravy train that never

I am so confident that you are going to love this guide (and
make lot’s of real money with it) that I’m offering you

30 Day
Iron-Clad 100% Money Back

If you for any reason are not
satisfied with The Vintage Buyer’s
Guide, you get your money

In fact, you can take a full 30
days to try it, if you’re not happy, you can
receive a FULL

This means that The
Vintage Buyer’s Guide is completely RISK-FREE
for you. You either gain a
powerful moneymaking skill for life or it
costs you

here to read our Terms of Use / Disclosure


The Vintage
Buyer’s Guide comes in
electronic form (as a PDF File). It can be
easily accessed from any computer – PC, Mac or Handheld device that has Adobe
Acrobat or any other PDF Reader installed.

If you don’t already have
Adobe Acrobat or another PDF reader on your computer or device, you can
download Adobe Acrobat free by clicking

After you order, you get immediate access to the ebook,
no waiting, no shipping
fees, no other requirements!


Thank you and enjoy the guide along with all the useful
knowledge and potential extra money it brings to your life! Soon, you will
have the power to get people to bring cash right to your front door (or pay
you online if you prefer). Be very excited, the best and most rewarding part
is yet to come!

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Click here to get The Vintage Buyer’s Guide – Make Money Buying and Selling Vintage Stuff at discounted price while it’s still available…

All orders are protected by SSL encryption – the highest industry standard for online security from trusted vendors.

The Vintage Buyer’s Guide – Make Money Buying and Selling Vintage Stuff is backed with a 60 Day No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee. If within the first 60 days of receipt you are not satisfied with Wake Up Lean™, you can request a refund by sending an email to the address given inside the product and we will immediately refund your entire purchase price, with no questions asked.